KIEV PSA 5K Business Open 2014 (December)


The last tournament of this year was great! I was glad to visit Kiev and the country Ukraine, they offered us good accommodation and the sports club was very nice.

My first round I faced the Ukrainian number 1, Denys Podvornyi. This match was hard fought and I am happy to get a 3-0 win against him. (Un)fortunately I came out against Stephane Galifi, a very experienced Italian player who is former WR40 and is now coaching the best players in Ukraine. I could not pull off another upset as he was too strong for me now, he beat me on experience. These are the matches I want to play to get used to the pressure and the pace those experienced guys are playing.

The tournament was awesome, I definitely want to come back next year!! Also there was live stream in this tournament, you can watch the replay of my matches on