Rathbones Jersey Squash Classic 2015: England


After training for 2 weeks with the best players of the world in Bristol, I went to Jersey to play another 5k tournament. My first match I played against Matthew Cook from England, it was the first time I played him and you never know what you can expect. I won this match with 3/0 and felt really comfortable on court. In the Final of the qualification I played against Matthew Sidaway, a very talented player from England.

After being 1/2 down I managed to crawl back to 2/2. In the fifth game there was a huge important rally, this rally was so important that the one who wins the rally mentally had won the match. Unfortunately I lost this rally, and in the end I find myself losing the match after 70min., it just wasnt meant to be. Despite this I was positive with all the effort I put into this match, next time I will come back mentally and physically stronger than before!